Saturday, February 21, 2009

Be Stronger Than Those

Don't let their words get you down
Don't let them make you cower
If that's the way they have to be
Then you are so much better
Be stronger than the weak
Be the knowledge of which you seek
If they hurt you
Throw them down
If they question
Answer with dignity
Show the power of your mind
Leave the pain you've felt behind
Rise above the lies
Promote the truth of which they hide from
If they fight you
They are weak
If they hate you
They must grow
For your destiny is larger
Than the world they live inside
And your future is much brighter
Than the ones they'll come to find

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the breakup

I told you I loved you
I'm sorry I lied
Truth is I never cared
You were never worth the time
You broke my heart
You took my smile
You hurt me bad
Which is why I no longer care
You're such an ass
And such a Jerk
It's a wonder how you're stupid lines worked
I guess I was an idiot
You're my biggest mistake
And my last mistake
You're worthless
You're gone
And baby
No matter what you say
You made it easy for me to move on

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I hate you
You make me nervous
You make me scared
You make me frustrated
You make me happy
Hell I have no idea what to feel
When I see you I smile
When you leave I frown
God you bug me
Yet somehow you still make me
I don't know what to do
I don't know what to say
I lose my breath when you walk my way
You're such a jerk
But there's something about you
I just cant turn my back on you
I close my eyes
And I see your face
I listen to silence
And for some reason I hear your name
I want to shoot you
But the gun's not loaded
I want to hit you
But there's no muscle strong enough
Your like my enemy,
That I cant get enough of
You make me angry
But I cant just get mad enough

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Hate...

I hate the way you look at me
The way you laugh
The way you smile
I hate the way you talk to me
The way you whisper
And the way you smell
I hate that when I'm mad at you, you always tell a joke
I hate that when I think of you I can never help but smile
I hate that when you call me
I always have to answer
I hate that I can't ignore you
I can't hate you
I can't leave you
I hate that when you walk my way I lose my breath entirely
I hate that when I look at you I can't just look away
I hate that you don't know this
And I hate that I can't tell you
I hate that I'm not yours
And I hate that you're not mine
I hate that she's the one you want
And I was left behind…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

we used to be friends

Why bring me up
To put me down
Why say we're friends
When we know we're not
This game is just to pass the time
Truth be told
You're no friend of mine
You're good for a laugh
Or maybe a day
But now its like I just cant throw you away
I thought you were cool
But I guess I'm a fool
For no one who cares could hurt me like you
Or treat me the way that you do
Because of you I cry
I lie to help myself
I smile for no questions to be asked
I wish for you to read this
But you'll never know my feelings
You'll never know the pain you caused
Yet even though I feel this
I still keep you around
I'm a sick and twisted soul
I let you hurt me and put me down
Never to stand up
Never to make a sound
For you breath fire
And I with no shield
For you speak hatred
And I with not enough love
I wish I were a knight
To save you from yourself
But sadly
I cannot even save me from my own eternal hell

Monday, February 9, 2009

all about her

She laughed a lot
But only to cry
She cried a lot
But only to laugh
For reasons unknown to many
But reasons were known to her
She loved a lot
Yet hated
She hated a lot
Yet loved
Her insides ached of mistrust
But her heart beat of trust
No one could hurt her
But everyone did
No could touch her
Yet handprints were there
Her heart ached for guidance
But she could never find time
She was lost
Like a polar bear in a winter storm
Lost like a soul in the sky
Her smile glowed with happiness
But her eyes burned with anger
Her mouth tasted bitter
But only she would know

Sunday, February 8, 2009

if i were a butterfly

If I were to be a butterfly
I'd fly away from here
I'd go to places vast and unknown
I fly to places and know no home
If I were to be a butterfly
I'd be beautiful, colorful, gracious, swift, and undetected
I'd fly away to mountains
I'd fly away to beaches
The beauty I would see
Would never surpass what you mean to me
If I were to be a butterfly
I'd travel long and hard
I'd go the distance
No matter what
Until you're in my arms
If I were to be a butterfly….
Screw it
I'd rather be a penguin
If I were to be a penguin
I'd waddle to and fro
I'd get that perfect pebble
And I'd love with all my soul
If I were to be a penguin…
Wait I don't like the cold
I'd never be a penguin, or a butterfly
I like my legs
I like my arms
I'd rather be a human